Gallup, New Mexico, is a little town lining what used to be Route-66. It’s nestled a mesa. It’s one long strip of old businesses, many shuttered, some still plugging along.

Last August I spent the night here on my drive from California back home to Charlottesville. I managed to find a little diamond in the rough. A little coffee roaster called Gallup Coffee Company. Their coffee is quite good and I made a mental note, and blog post about it. So I had to stop and pick up a mocha on my way through.

As I drove up the street to the shop I was worried it had been lost to COVID like so many other places. I was pleasantly surprised to see it open with a few customers hanging out inside.

Time to drink my coffee and get back on the road. This little town has captured my heart. I love it.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer