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It’s not 100% complete, and I have quite a few changes to make to make it “feel” like a real Objective-C pro wrote it, but it works today.

P8Engine* p8 = [[P8Engine alloc] initWithOptions:kP8APIKey 
if (p8)
    // Validate user
    [p8 userValidate];

    // Get user sevices.
    [p8 userServices];

    // Get system services.
    [p8 systemServices];

    // Post something.
    [p8 userPostStatus:@"Hello"];

    [p8 release];

Get the P8 Objective-C engine for here.


It’s clear I’m doing something wrong

Finger Gaming: “Based only on Refenes’ sales figures for a limited number of the game’s many price tiers, Zits & Giggles generated at least $4,431 at the $15, $50, and $299 price points alone. It currently holds an App Store customer rating of two and a half stars out of five, with only two written reviews, one of which reads in its entirety, “It’s hilarious.”” – Caution: There’s a bit of language in article, but it’s interesting to see what Refenes’ experiment produced. Folks buying a silly little game for over $300.00. Wow, I think I need to get into gaming.