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Parse for Azure

logo-build-smallMicrosoft Azure Blog: “We created a Parse Server implementation that uses fully-managed Azure Services and released it on the Azure Marketplace. With this template, Parse developers will be able to easily spin up a Parse Server v2.1.4 with a suite of pre-integrated Azure services.”

The closure of Parse has actually allowed the platform to blossom. The community has been amazing, the Parse team has been amazing, and now we’re seeing other platform vendors pick up where Facebook left off.

I think this would be my first choice for continued Parse deployments. I haven’t used Azure myself but I trust the opinions of some folks that have. I’ve heard the management console is much nicer than AWS, not to pick on AWS because I’ve actually used and like AWS, but the Azure team is continuing to build out incredible infrastructure that can run any operating system and service you’d like to host there.

This year at Build Microsoft seems to have really doubled down on services and Azure, along with announcing free Xamarin tools for Visual Studio, a plugin to Visual Studio that allows for building on Linux, and a native implementation of Bash on Windows. Those are just a few of my favorite announcements, I’m sure there are many others I missed.

We live in interesting times and Microsoft definitely isn’t sitting still. They are becoming the place for Services and Mobile Apps.

Apple Mobile

All kinds of crazy

Microsoft Cash Cow.Macworld: “While I was visiting the Microsoft campus a few weeks ago—in suburban Redmond, just across Lake Washington from my beloved Seattle—I kept thinking of the old Vulcan proverb: “Only Nixon can go to China.”

If Microsoft is China, then that makes me Nixon in this story, I realize.”

Quick thought.

Apple should buy Microsoft.

Yes, you read that right. Apple should buy Microsoft for their web services; Azure Mobile Services. Maybe, just maybe, they could leverage it to make iCloud what it could be.