Da Bears need some Rex

ESPN Chicago: “Hire Rex Ryan. I can’t claim to know anything about general manager candidates, but after reading ‘Collision Low Crossers,’ a fantastic football book about a season with the Jets, I think Ryan would be perfect fit here. Yes, he has a connection with the Bears, going back to his father’s reign as defensive coordinator. But it’s about Rex, not the Bears. He can bring the personality this team desperately needs. I don’t know if he’ll be the savior, so to speak, but it would be a fun ride.”

Since I read Ryan and Trestman were fired today I’ve been hoping the Bears would hire Rex Ryan. Hiring Ryan won’t fix their woes at Quarterback, but it would bring some crazy personalty to the team, and the guy knows how to win, even if he had a horrible time in his last few seasons with the Jets. Hey, Quarterback trouble anyone?

The first thing the Bears need to do is go out and find a Quarterback. I was hopeful Jay Cutler could be the guy, but he’s never been able to elevate to an ‘A-class’ level. I was always a fan of Kyle Orton and had high hopes for him in Chicago. I wish they had kept him.

It looks like Washington may have a couple of Quarterbacks to deal in the off season. I think the Bears would do well to pick up Kirk Cousins.

Guess we’ll see how this plays out.