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Pay it forward

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Mac Indie: “One of my primary goals in starting MacInde last year was to catalog and recognize all the tools that are available to Indie Mac/iPhone developers that can make your development life easier, faster, more efficient, etc. I’ll bet that if you tried to re-create all of the production quality code out there that we’re all using in our OSX and iPhoneOS apps thanks to this community, there’s probably 5-7 man-years of effort that you’d need to spend in doing it.”

Support your local Mac Indie! There’s a lot of really great free, and open source, Mac/iPhone/iPad source code floating around out there. Help these guys out if you can. I know I need to.

Shameless self promotion: Need Objective-C/Cocoa code to shorten a URL, or communicate with, click here.

NOTE: I haven’t built that code in a LONG time, in fact, I haven’t built it for Mac since upgrading to Snow Leopard. It built without error for iPhone OS and Mac OS X the last time I did build it. Your mileage may vary. I definitely need to spend some quality time with it.


Fresno and Google Fiber?

James Collier: “I’ve enjoyed the pooling of support from throughout the community, and the rapid speed with which this grew from a few suggestions from the fringe, to something that City officials invested in physically, mentally and financially. But as Chris Samarin noted a couple of weeks ago, if this project is to come to fruition (not all of Google’s hype leads to action, after all), Google has already decided on where.” – If there’s one positive that comes out of the Google Fiber for Fresno effort it’s the community. Folks actually care, they banded together, they made goofy videos and signs, and brought Fresno into the top ten “mentions” for Google Fiber.

There’s a group of Fresnan’s trying to make a difference in the community, to that I say, well done.