Government Life

Congress is Lazy

Watch out! It's a blog fly!New Yorker: Hundreds of congressmen complained of headaches, dizzy spells, and extreme fatigue after putting in what sources called “a six, maybe seven-hour day.”

I know I’m blessed to have a job where I sit on my butt most of the day. I’m not out in the heat picking cotton or stacking boxes of fruit in a packing house, but I do work. It’s no wonder America is broken. Our leadership has such a crappy work ethic.

Maybe this report is sarcastic and I’ve been duped into believing it, wouldn’t be the first time, I certainly hope so.


Congress doesn’t understand the Internet (#SOPA)

Motherboard: “You relish the opportunity to put on a half-cocked smile and ask to skip over the techno-jargon, conveniently masking your ignorance by making yourselves seem better aligned with the average American joe or jane — the “non-nerds” among us. But to anyone of moderate intelligence that tuned in to yesterday’s Congressional mark-up of SOPA, the legislation that seeks to fundamentally change how the internet works, you kind of just looked like a bunch of jack-asses.”

The Internet as we know it rests with a group of people that don’t understand it.