All Day: “Detroit is now a ghost town with more than 70,000 buildings, 31,000 houses, and 90,000 lots empty or vacant. In 2010, a plan was proposed to bulldoze a fourth of the city in an attempt to concentrate the populated areas. Currently, homes sell at an average of $7,500, with some going for less than $500. “

I can’t convince my lovely wife to move to Detroit. Wonder why?

Business Development Life

Tech Job Destination, Detroit

Bloomberg: “Expertise in cloud computing, mobile software applications and energy management are in demand in the Motor City as automakers replace car stereos with Internet radio and gasoline engines with motors powered by lithium-ion batteries. Technology job postings in the Detroit area doubled last year, making it the fastest-expanding region in the country, according to Dice Holdings Inc. (DHX), a job-listing website.”

This is not something I expected to see, ever. Detroit reaching out to software engineers, building cloud services, and mobile software.

Since the last Detroit post was a bummer, I thought I’d post something positive to even things out.


Detroit is Dying

Freakonomics: “Census data released this week confirmed what we already knew: Detroit is dying. It’s just happening much faster than we thought. From 2000 to 2010, Detroit lost a quarter of its population; 273,500 people. According to news reports, local officials are stunned, including Mayor Dave Bing, who wants a recount.”

Really sad news, and yes, I’m still taken with Detroit.

Why? I have no idea.