@Twitter’s Crap Sandwich

Marco Arment: “Oh, and one more thing: formerly-xAuth apps that need DM access have only 12 days to build this completely new login interface, test it, and release a new version — and, for iOS and Mac App Store apps, get it approved — before their existing apps start being denied access to DMs and probably display confusing and incorrect error messages, since the developers could never have foreseen this condition.”

And the topper to this crap sandwich is Twitter doesn’t have to implement this for their clients, just third parties.

I feel really bad for people, like Iconfactory, that got Lodsys’d and this news, all in the same week.

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Winer on the Twitter Roadmap

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Scripting News: “1. If you make a Twitter client, you have a bit of time to get out of that business. If you were thinking about writing one, don’t.”

I haven’t read the entire “consistency and ecosystem” post but there’s a lot of language in there around do’s and don’ts. A lot of it is to help make the service as good as it can possibly be, you don’t want, or need, a bunch of spammers abusing the API’s, right? Me neither, but what about Twitter advertising, or things like the #dickbar that had users of the Twitter iPhone client up in arms? What if your client WAS REQUIRED to show the #dickbar? How would you feel about that? Probably not so good.

Is it time for that distributed “Twitter-like” service without the single authority? Maybe.

If you’re a Twitter Client developer you’d better read the new Twitter API Terms of Service, now.