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Happy Thanksgiving!I’ve been using for quite a while to update my social sites with links to my weblog posts, until recently that is. It looks like is suffering from its popularity. The nasty spammers have discovered it and have messed it up for the rest of us. If, like me, you relied on Samuel Aguilera’s great WordPress plugin Shorten2Ping you’ve probably had trouble updating, unless his recent e-mail fix worked for you. It didn’t work for me.

I’ve had a account for quite a while now but didn’t have need for it. Now I do. will publish my weblog posts using a tried and true format, RSS. A while back I used FriendFeed to publish everything, it too used RSS, and I loved it, but once Facebook got its hands on FriendFeed it became kind of crusty and took forever to update my social sites. Too bad, it was a great technology.

Here’s hoping fills that need.

Fingers crossed.