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Do you Facebook?

Gizmodo: “I will grant you this: Facebook, much like Twitter, has a lot that sucks about it. A tremendous amount. You’re exposed to inane human behavior on a scope and volume unprecedented in the history of mankind. And yes, there are privacy eyebrow-raises that are warranted—it’s a little weird that people I barely know anymore see where I work, where I live, and who I’m talking to. And there’s plenty of crap. Pokes from creepy people. Photos of idiots. Moronic comments. Racism. All the worst parts about our species, sandwiched between poorly-targeted banner ads.”

I have Facebook for one reason. My family is on Facebook. I’ve taken to posting links to political commentary, that should chase a few folks off, but by and large I use it to push links to with weblog. My weblog is where my real online identity lies and it’s where I write. Facebook is just another distribution mechanism for me.

Life Social

Facebook? What’s that?

Ribbit52 Weeks of UX: “In the meantime, Facebook is the current social network juggernaut now worth 50 billion dollars and they seem to have all the momentum in the world. The question is…is Facebook bound by the same laws of physics as everyone else?”

You make the call, will Facebook survive? Each big portal before it has become immensely successful only to be replaced by the next big thing. One thing holds true, my weblog is still here and kicking even as other things go away.


On Facebook Privacy

James Robertson: “To some extent, that’s like keeping a highly personal diary, and then storing it on your front porch. Sure, the porch is your property – but it’s not exactly private. I sure don’t have any illusions about how private something I put on Facebook (or any site I don’t control) is – I run with a default assumption that “anyone can see it”.”

Great point. I’ve lived a pretty open life of the web for the past nine years. When you have a weblog, everything is visible, knowing that is half the battle.

If you don’t want people to see what you’re up to, don’t post it. The world is watching.


Facebook, is it dying?

Thomas Baekdal: “There is one question that I hear all the time. Is Facebook going to last, or is it just a fad? My answer is always the same. If you are trying to find an excuse for not doing “social,” then Facebook is here to stay. But, if you ask “is Facebook going to last?” Then the answer is no; it’s already dying.”

For a lot of us Facebook dying would mean bupkis. It’s just another in a long line of social networking sites. We had BBS’es, then CompuServ, then AOL, then Xanga, then MySpace, and now we have Facebook. Here’s the thing, if you have a weblog, you have your social connector. This space is the center of my social network.

Regardless, Facebook won’t be dying any time soon. They seem to have captured the hearts and minds of the internet masses.

Business Life

Keep out of Facebook’s business

AHHHHHH!CNN: “Washington (CNN) — Four Democratic senators called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday to reconsider the recent changes in its privacy settings and asked the Federal Trade Commission to streamline guidelines regarding privacy on all social networks.” – Oy. That’s the first word that popped into my head. Why does the government need to get involved with this? If you don’t like Facebook’s terms and conditions, or feel you don’t understand their privacy policy, or that it’s too liberal with your data, here’s an idea.


Now Senators don’t have to feel the need to get involved.

Problem solved.

You’re welcome.