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Facebook? What’s that?

Ribbit52 Weeks of UX: “In the meantime, Facebook is the current social network juggernaut now worth 50 billion dollars and they seem to have all the momentum in the world. The question is…is Facebook bound by the same laws of physics as everyone else?”

You make the call, will Facebook survive? Each big portal before it has become immensely successful only to be replaced by the next big thing. One thing holds true, my weblog is still here and kicking even as other things go away.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

4 replies on “Facebook? What’s that?”

The evolution of online social networks has been interesting.

I would agree, blogs or weblogs have and I think will always remain.

What do you think is the next up coming social media craze?

it’s the thing that all my (non-geek) friends visit every week, if not every day, and where I can interact with them electronically. sometimes, if you want to hang out with the people, ya’ just gotta go where the people are *shrug*

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