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WordPress on HHVM

Duct Tape, fixer of all things!
HHVM Blog: “As of WordPress 3.9, and HHVM 2.0 the following changes aren’t necessary as WP have updated their codebase to play nice with HHVM, and HHVM has updated itself to support more PHP stuff.”

I know it’s not in style to learn PHP, but it suits the old man C developer in me. I found myself reading about HHVM and Hack which lead me to think WordPress on HHVM might be kind of cool. One little Google search and what do you know, someone else had the same thought, and made it work. Not only did they make it work, but it looks like the HHVM and WordPress folks worked together to make it happen. Even better.

Maybe one of these days I’ll have time to get an HHVM based WordPress installation up an running.


Making Twitter post to App.Net

AHHHHHH!Steve Streza: “Today I shipped the first alpha of Apparchy, which turns Twitter’s official iOS apps into clients. You sign up for a free account on, add your account, and then log into the Twitter app with your Apparchy username and password. Then, the Twitter app will start loading data from through the Apparchy API.”

This is a nifty trick. A very appropriate hack for a hackathon. Steve has made Twitter’s own client post to It’s not as difficult as one might think because of a legacy feature remaining in the official Twitter for iOS, and I believe Twitter for Mac, clients.

It’s interesting to note that Twitter has allowed Twitter for Mac to die. If this works with the Mac client it just breathed new life into an otherwise dead piece of software. Well done.

The big question is, when will Twitter shut this down? One week, two? It won’t take long before we see a new drop of Twitter for iOS in the App Store with this feature removed.

It’ll be interesting to see if they ship another release of Twitter for Mac just to turn this off.

Until then, enjoy!

P.S. – Does this mean Twitter’s official client is breaking the Display Requirements?