Did Gruber Slip?

On the latest episode of The Talk Show John Gruber very clearly says “the M1 MacBook Pro” a couple times.

Did he just let the cat out of the bag or just misspeak and meant the M1 MacBook Air?

Of course I want to know. 😀

UPDATE: John didn’t slip, I did. I forgot there is a 13in M1 MacBook Pro. Sorry for the mistake.
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WWDC 2016

It’s always interesting to read the WWDC tea leaves based on the imagery used on the web site. This year we got a poem and some Swift code.

WWDC 2016 Poem

The Swift in this picture is interesting because we can see they’re calling learnAbout with OSX, not macOS or MacOS as the rumor goes. I suppose they couldn’t give it away even if they were renaming it, could they?

WWDC 2016 Poem

Code is poetry

As much as I’d love to attend I won’t be able to. Dropping somewhere between $3-5K for a conference is tough to justify. I will say it is amazing and I’d love to be there all five days.

At this point I’m hoping to make it to The Talk Show Live once it’s announced, if I can manage to score a ticket.

Maybe I’ll see you there.