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Day One, by Bloom Built

Day One App IconI’ve been using Day One, from Bloom Built, for a few weeks now. It is quite possibly the best pure writing tool I’ve used to date.

The UI is the thing I find most compelling. They’ve kept it simple. In both apps you add a new post by tapping, or clicking, a plus button, write what you are thinking, and hit Done. It’s that simple.

Another nice thing: your writing is kept in sync between the Mac and iOS clients using iCloud or DropBox. I’m using iCloud and it’s been flawless.

If you are a Mac user and would like a place to write, that isn’t public, and you like the experience of a nicely designed native client, consider Day One.

Bloom is one of those companies, on a very short list, I’d work for (not that I’m good enough to work there.) I know that probably doesn’t mean much, but I tend to really love or hate software. When I love it, I want to work for the company. When I hate it? Well… I could care less. The list of companies I’d love to work for is very short. Bloom Built just joined that list.