Acorn JSTalk Scripts for iOS Devs and Designers

Acorn logoGus Mueller: “I’ve got 3 JSTalk scripts for Acorn that any iOS developer or designer will find handy. What they will do is take the current Acorn image and save it as an optimized PNG (running it through pngcrush in the background).”

Gus is the Founder and Head Honcho at Flying Meat. He’s also the creator of Acorn and JSTalk so he knows a few things about scripting it.

These scripts will come in handy if you’re all thumbs, like I am, and want to generate .PNG’s for pre-Retina Display iOS devices as well as newer Retina Display devices. Sweet.

Thanks Gus.


Testing Undo

Gus Mueller: “The idea being that I call multiple operations in quick succession (from JSTalk) and then test each of those undos and make sure the state is exactly what it should be. I recently came across an instance where I needed to do the same thing in Objective-C code, so I thought I’d share with my fair readers the solution I came up with (experienced Obj-C coders will probably know right away what the solution is).”

AKA – Fun with blocks.