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Red Sweater Blog: “In this case, I discovered a bug in MarsEdit 3.5.2 (and 3.5.1, as it happens) that would cause the blog settings editing panel in MarsEdit to fill up all of a blog’s settings with default values when you opened it to tweak a blog. Then, if you innocently click “OK”, wham, all your blog settings are updated with default settings. Not good.”

I use MarsEdit to manage this weblog as well as the Apple Core Labs weblog. It’s a great piece of software and I have a lot of respect for its creator: Daniel Jalkut. Every developer makes mistakes. It comes with the territory. Daniel made a mistake and fixed that mistake as soon as he discovered it. It’s nice to see a developer be so responsive. Hats off.

Thanks for the great software, Daniel.


Hello MarsEdit 3


I’m posting this entry with the new MarsEdit 3, using the new Rich Text editor, very nice Daniel.