How To

Configure @Twitterrific to use @mlkshk

With all the hubbub surrounding the Terms of Service changes at TwitPic I thought I’d share how to configure Twitterrific to use a hot new photo sharing site, mlkshk.

Steps for configuring Twitterrific on an iPhone.

Sorry, I don’t have an iPad, but they should be similar.

First off Twitterrific doesn’t have its configuration settings inside the application. You’ll need to tap the Home button and locate the Setting’s App Icon.

Step #1: Tap the Settings Icon.

Step #2: Scroll down until you find Twitterrific, then tap it. This will open the Twitterrific Settings.

Step #3: Scroll down to Advanced. Tap it.

Step #4: Scroll down to URL, tap the edit field, and type “” minus the quotes, you’re all done! Congratulations! When you add a photo to a tweet it will now show up in your mlkshk Shake.

Steps for configuring on Twitterrific Mac.

Step #1: Start Twitterrific.

Step #2: Select Twitterrific > Preferences…

Step #3: In the “Custom Upload Service” edit field type “” minus the quotes, you’re all done!

The reason this works is both The Icon Factory and mlkshk saw fit to support the TwitPic upload API.