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History – Oddworld Inhabitants

Oddworld: “A spiritual successor was started to make use of the excellent game engine Oddworld Inhabitants had constructed. The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot made Stranger look tame, with the eponymous character’s native land invaded by Mafia-esque felines and converted into hardcore catnip factories. Fangus himself started out enslaved as a pitfighter and infected with rabies before he escaped and found the chance to take back his country with his shepherding skills. Unfortunately its development was arrested when publishing problems drove Lorne and Sherry to admit that the current gaming climate was not one they wanted to be a part of, and Oddworld Inhabitants closed its studio down.”

I used to walk by this place when we’d visit San Luis Obispo and dream of working there. At one point I applied for a position with them. I never heard back. Shortly after that, they closed their doors.

They’re back now, but I have no clue where they’re located. I want to say they’re in the UK, but I’m not sure.

I wish them many, many, successful years.