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@FiftyThree’s Paper

Fast Company: “In the interest of simplicity, the team finally settled on two key gestures: Swipe left to turn a line of text into a bold subheading. Right to turn it into a bulleted list item. Reasoning that the most popular use case for text entry would be the creation of shopping lists and other to-do lists, they chose these two gestures to start with. Users can also hold their finger down on an item to “grab” it and change the order of the list, eliminating the need for traditional (and far more tedious on a touchscreen) copy-and-paste functionality. Other gestural formatting, they figured, could come in time, once people were used to the new gestural formatting paradigm. It is, after all, an admittedly ballsy move to tinker with how people have worked with text since the dawn of personal computing.”

This is one of the most useful and most beautifully designed iOS Apps you will ever use. Folks probably think of Paper as an application for illustrators and designers, but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve ever used Visio or Omni Graffle you can use Paper to create similar drawings. With Paper for iPhone they’ve added text to the mix to make it a world class citizen for taking notes of all kinds, think Evernote, Notes, or Vesper.

It’s definitely worth a download.