Mel Kiper Jr, crack head

ESPN: “Do they want to shell out a huge bonus that ostensibly keeps Manning around for a while? Do they keep him, but draft Andrew Luck and deal with the drama of a perpetual quarterback debate? Do they deal the rights to Luck and recoup a ton of draft picks even though they know, as much as any organization does, the value of sustained great quarterback play?”

Sorry Mel, the title of this post is harsh, but what are you thinking? I know you’re supposed to be an expert on the game of professional football, but why are you even writing this nonsense? Slow news day? Don’t have any NCAA draft picks to talk about? Seriously, this is Peyton Manning we’re talking about. The best Quarterback in the NFL. Yes, that’s right, the best. What other team in the NFL depends on their team more than Indianapolis? I think their 0-11 record tells the story. Hey, when Tom Brady went down in the 2008 season New England went 11-5 with Matt Cassel at the helm. Without Brady New England goes 11-5, without Manning the Colts are currently 0-11 after having a 10-6 season with him.

Please, for the love of Lambeau, stop this nonsense. Peyton Manning belongs in Indianapolis for as long as he can play the game. It would be a shame to let one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game walk out the door for a kid that’s never played a snap in the NFL? Ever heard of first round pick by the name of JaMarcus Russell? I know, I know, that’s a pretty extreme take on the situation, but how do you know how the kid will play in the NFL, until he’s actually on the field?

Do I believe Luck will be a bust. No, of course not. What’s wrong with the kid backing up a future Hall of Famer? There’s a guy in Green Bay that’s doing amazing stuff after a few years backing up another future Hall of Famer, right? Right.

Stop. Just stop the foolish talk, ok?