The Computer Pharmacist

Jerry Fahrni: “Perhaps pharmacy could take advantage of the Watson technology to help pharmacists move away from nearly universal prospective order review (NUPOR), i.e pharmacists stuck at a computer terminal looking at every order written. There has been a movement in recent years to eliminate the need for NUPOR and move toward a system that allows drug orders with “imperceptible harm” to be automatically verified and activated for use on a patient. Some think it’s a crazy idea, but it makes sense to me. There are several medication orders that come to mind that would fall into an auto-verification category.”

I know he’s my brother, but when this guy talks about pharmacy technology, you should probably listen. He has a very forward thinking view of his profession, he’s a Clinical Pharmacist with many years in the trenches, and he lives, eats, and breathes technology. Some would probably call him a heretic for his outside the box thinking; a radical, a nut, extreme, but you can’t ignore what he has to say.

I have no doubt his ideas will change the way Pharmacists in a hospital setting operate.