Publicis Acquisition

PublicisIt’s true, LEVEL was acquired by Rosetta who has now been acquired by Publicis. I joined LEVEL Studios in June 2010, in September 2010 we became a part of Rosetta, and now, in May 2011 we’re a part of Publicis. One location, three different companies, it’s been a crazy year.

The bottom line is we’re still LEVEL. I’ve had some folks ask what changed with the Rosetta acquisition, the answer for me is nothing. Not a single thing changed. We continued to work on the same things, with the same delivery dates, in the manner we’d worked on them prior to the acquisition. The LEVEL culture, which is absolutely fantastic by the way, hasn’t changed. Our leadership, hasn’t changed. Basically it’s the same place I joined in June 2010.

I do want to make one thing clear about the Publicis, I was the first to break the news. I was, you just didn’t pick it up. The audio wasn’t great for our conference call, so most of us had ZERO idea what the actual name of our parent company really was.

What's a puba seat?

And later I continued to let the cat out of the bag with this gem, I’m surprised nobody picked up on it.


Wasn’t that an obvious clue we were acquired? Come on! Oh, and I wasn’t alone in my confusion about our new parent company’s name.