@Iconfactory Gets Spooky!

If you’ve read my weblog, or follow me on Twitter, you know my affection for The Iconfactory. They’re the creators of Twitterrific, my favorite Twitter client, amongst other great Mac and iOS Software.

If you don’t know they’re also the creators of many of the icons and emoji you use on a daily basis. Things like Twitter emoji and Facebook emoji. Yes, you too can have The Iconfactory create you a custom set of emoji, icons, or even design and build an entire iOS or Mac App for you.

With the release of iOS 10 The Iconfactory has been cranking out Sticker Packs! With Halloween fast approaching it was perfect timing to release a bunch of spooky, not to mention fun, sticker packs.

I’m not sure if the Hack-O-Lantern, Ravenswood, or Boneheadz are my favorite. I’ve been driving my wife nuts with custom built Jack-O-Lanters from the Hack-O-Lantern pack. They’re a great deal of fun!

Oh, one more thing. These packs also include really great wallpapers! Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the sticker pack and tap on the pack name in the bottom left corner for added fun!