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Matt Gemmell: “The interesting part, though, is what you won’t be used to from Twitter. There are no ads, anywhere. Because it’s a paid service, there’s no spam at all; I’ve certainly never seen any. There’s an active and happy developer community, which ADN actually financially rewards. There’s a rich, modern, relentlessly improved API. And again because it’s a paid service, there’s a commensurately (and vanishingly) low number of Bieber fans, teenagers, illiterates, and sociopaths.”

I joined App.Net back in August and since that time a nice community has sprung up. There are a number of apps available to make the experience better and those numbers grow every day. Unlike Twitter developers are encouraged to develop unique and exciting applications, they even pay for the right to access the API. Imagine that, an entire social where the users actually pay to be a part of it. What a concept.

App.Net is creating the communications platform Twitter abandoned in favor of becoming an advertising company. The Twitter like experience is just one of many different types of applications being built on this platform.

If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll pass on an invite for a free account.