Surface Pro

Brad Colbow: “I’ve been working on a Surface Pro the last year or so. I can sketch, color, ink, vector up my artwork and then get it press or web ready all on one device and often times just using one or two programs: Photoshop and Illustrator.”

Mr. Colbow’s piece is focused on Adobe’s iOS offerings, but the bit above really jumped off the page. I’ve been looking for a comparison between Surface Pro and iPad Pro, this is the closest I’ve seen.

Last week my brother and I made a trip to Los Angeles to attend a Microsoft Device Night. I was able to watch Jordan Crane, a Cartoonist, draw on a Surface Pro. I cannot recall the name of the application he was using, but it wasn’t an Adobe application. He was creating a beautiful picture with a stylus and a full range of color, brushes, and effects. The bottom line is, it works really, really, well.

I’m hoping someone will do a side by side analysis of the iPad Pro and Surface Pro’s input latency.

One other thing of note. I still haven’t been able to use an iPad Pro hands on. I’m hopeful it will be an amazing experience. I can tell you I have had time to use a Surface Pro and it is a fine computer and in my opinion a real replacement for a lot of laptop users. The keyboard is fine and it has a nice touchpad, which means you have mouse pointer. This is something the iPad Pro does not have, and that is fine, but it does give the Surface Pro a leg up as a laptop replacement.

The one thing I haven’t tried is running Visual Studio on it.