Binge-worthy TV shows

Scripting News: “Shows I loved and highly recommend”

Dave has a pretty big list of shows he’s binge watched. I will definitely be adding many of these to my list.

Here are a few I’ve really enjoyed missing from his list.

  • The Walking Dead
  • Fear The Walking Dead
  • True Detective – Season one is very good
  • Longmire – I’m only into early season four.
  • Stranger Things – So very good

That’s all I can think of for now, I may add some more later.


Developer Reality Show?

Eat your own dog food.TechCrunch: “Where do I start? Does everyone in Silicon Valley look like Sarah Austin, Kim & Hermione? Are all the guys wasted and hung over like Dwight? Where are the Wozniaks and Jobses? I am absolutely sure there are smart plain or even ugly people who live and work there. Perhaps they are all kept in the basement hunched over their computers doing the hard work while the “beautiful people” have all the marketing and camera time.”

This is exactly what I predicted. It sounds like Bravo’s Start Ups:Silicon Valley is a complete disaster. The only thing Hollywood understands is itself, so they have to transform everything they do into something that looks like Hollywood. A land of disfunction and self absorption.

I don’t think a show about real developers would be all that interesting. Could you imagine a reality show with two grey beards, sitting back to back, nothing said to each other the entire day? No cat fights, no boys taking off their shirts and strutting around like peacocks, no brogrammers, just real software engineers, doing real work. It would bore you to tears, but at least it would be real.