The workout play list

Inspired by my good friend David’s kickboxing playlist, I thought I’d share my workout play list with ya’ll. Here she be, in all her glory. Enjoy.

  • My Own Summer (Shove It) – Deftones
  • Kimdracula – Deftones
  • Minerva (Album Version) – Deftones
  • Guerrilla Radio – Rage Against the Machine
  • Testify – Rage Against the Machine
  • Killing In the Name – Rage Against the Machine
  • Bulls On Parade – Rage Against the Machine
  • Awake – Godsmack
  • Stupify – Disturbed
  • Bodies – Drowning Pool
  • Prayer – Disturbed
  • Sleep Now In the Fire – Rage Against the Machine
  • Wake Up – Rage Against the Machine
  • Hemorrhage (In My Hands) – Fuel
  • Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendencies

Gets me through my workouts.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

2 replies on “The workout play list”

I’m loving the play list. Very good songs. I’m surprised you only have one song from Disturbed on it.

Looks like a good set, however not what I’d listen to.

I have been listing to a random assortment of Thrice while working out. I usually will load all one artist into my little ipod shuffle at a time and just let it randomize.

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