A fresh coat of pixels

Hundred10 Design Chronicles: “After two and a half years of existence, it’s finally time for us to eat our own dog food. We’ve always paid very little attention to our own website because, well frankly we were pretty damn busy building things for other people. Our previous site was a lean, PHP-sprinkled jobber that was meant to showcase a few projects and be easily updated (not that we did it enough) but not much else. But if we’re going to be out there attempting to instill an understanding of the important of dynamic content and site relevance, we better start walking the walk.” – The gang at Hundred10 is known for their beautifully simple designs, don’t take that for ugly, or poor. No, these guys know design and they show it each and every day. Pixel perfect, every time.

Very nice guys.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer