The state of television

Yes, I watch my share of television, I admit it. There’s no mistaking I love movies and a great television show gives me a bit of that movie feel I like so much. The problem with most television today is it’s all about reality shows, and the free stations are full of that garbage. Something I really have zero interest in. I know folks love American Idol, I could care less, they love The Bachelor, meh, I could care less. I fit into a different demographic, although I don’t know what it’s called. It would be something like “People that think reality TV sucks” demographic. Yes, that’s the one I’m a part of. For some strange reason that demographic is better served by cable stations. Yes, of course they have their reality shows, but they also have some of the best programming in television today.

Here’s what I’m watching these days, when I get the chance, most of it on pay stations.

You’ll notice there’s one free station in the mix, NBC. Parenthood is a great show amongst a bunch of turkeys on network television. You’ll also notice there’s is a little problem with my list. Three of the shows I love to watch are on the same night, at the same time. Southland, Justified, and Parenthood are all on Tuesday’s at 10. Thank goodness for online viewing and DVR’s.

UPDATE: After receiving some comments I needed to make an adjustment. Here are a few more TV shows I enjoy.

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BSG (done).
LOST (almost done).
FlashForward (not quite as good as the above three).
MotoGP racing.
Formula 1 racing.

…and then there’s a huge gap to the rest of the crap on TV.

thank goodness for Netflix.

+1 for Fringe

Surprised The Mentalist isn’t on your list, though I admit the quality of humor was unexpected.

No Chuck???

Have you ever watched In Plain Sight (USA) or Eureka (Syfy)?

Burn Notice was fun, I saw it off USA’s website before they blocked connections from the UK.

I’ve found grabbing DVDs of HBO shows is an excellent alternative for TV, though. I loved Rome (it was also on the BBC) and John Adams.

Prasenjeet> “grabbing DVDs of HBO shows is an excellent alternative for TV”

that’s how we watched all of The Sopranos

Rob> Eureka

also +1 thanks for the reminder

There is one that you might want to checkout if you haven’t it’s Stargate Universe. I wasn’t a big fan of the Stargate series and especially it’s spinoffs but the new show is a completely different character driven format. You could essentially take the sci-fi out of it and you would still have a great show with great cinematography.


I saw the opening episode, like it, but just never went back. I do agree with you, the format change does give it a different feel and it seems like they spend a bit more on the production. It makes a huge difference.

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