Run, Rick, run!We’ve been DISH Network subscribers for at least 10 years, possibly longer. I know it’s been longer than that when you combine the times we’ve had DISH technologies. Our first system was an EchoStar system.

Recently there’s been a spat between DISH and AMC. AMC claims one thing, DISH claims another. I have no idea which story is accurate, and to be quite honest, I don’t care. What I do care about is AMC’s The Walking Dead. As a DISH subscriber I’d like to have AMC. That’s all there is to it.

Recently I sent an email to DISH asking them to sort out their differences with AMC. This is what I got in reply. You can read what AMC has to say about the matter and compare the two. Definitely different stories.

Dear Valued DISH customer,

Thank you for your e-mail. We value your business and the opportunity to discuss this situation with you.

It’s in our DNA to provide the best programming to our customers at the best value possible. That’s our first priority and it guides how we run the business. As we keep customers first, we’re constantly making evaluations on the value various channels bring to the DISH family.

AMC Networks requires us to provide and pay for channels beyond AMC, including WE tv and IFC which, as a whole, do not deliver value to our customer base for the price demanded. Providing value to our customers is at the core of our business. We are the only Pay TV provider to not have raised your programming prices this year and as a result, we cannot ask our customers to pay more for this extraneous programming.

We regret that AMC Networks has chosen to involve viewers at this time. Our contract does not allow us to go into further details, however, we remain hopeful that we can find a resolution that brings AMC’s networks at a value they’ve come to expect.

Please keep in mind that you are still able to watch programming on AMC (ch 9609 – SD/9610 – HD), IFC (ch. 9607), and WE tv (ch.9608), and you will still be able to view the finale of The Killing Part 1 on Sunday, June 10th and Part 2 on Sunday, June 17th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


Here’s the bottom line for us, and I really DO NOT want to do this, but if we don’t have AMC, we don’t have DISH. That’s right, I will switch services for one channel.

I hope they can work it out.

UPDATE: AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview airs July 7-8. If this mess isn’t sorted by July 2, I have to switch providers. I don’t want to switch providers.


The state of television

Yes, I watch my share of television, I admit it. There’s no mistaking I love movies and a great television show gives me a bit of that movie feel I like so much. The problem with most television today is it’s all about reality shows, and the free stations are full of that garbage. Something I really have zero interest in. I know folks love American Idol, I could care less, they love The Bachelor, meh, I could care less. I fit into a different demographic, although I don’t know what it’s called. It would be something like “People that think reality TV sucks” demographic. Yes, that’s the one I’m a part of. For some strange reason that demographic is better served by cable stations. Yes, of course they have their reality shows, but they also have some of the best programming in television today.

Here’s what I’m watching these days, when I get the chance, most of it on pay stations.

You’ll notice there’s one free station in the mix, NBC. Parenthood is a great show amongst a bunch of turkeys on network television. You’ll also notice there’s is a little problem with my list. Three of the shows I love to watch are on the same night, at the same time. Southland, Justified, and Parenthood are all on Tuesday’s at 10. Thank goodness for online viewing and DVR’s.

UPDATE: After receiving some comments I needed to make an adjustment. Here are a few more TV shows I enjoy.