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There’s an iPad for that

Chuck Hollis [via Mike Rohde]: “I don’t think I’ll be buying any more desktops going forward. I don’t think I’ll even be buying any more laptops going forward.

They’ve all been largely obsoleted (at least at my home) by a sleek $499 device that doesn’t really have any right to be called a “computer” in the traditional sense.”

Go read what Chuck has to say, it’s a fun story, and I’m sure it’s being repeated all over the world. The iPad will become “the” device for a large group of people. A lot of techies will claim it’s not useful and that’s a perfectly valid assertion. It’s not useful for them, the techno-geek, but for the average person that browses the internet, or watches movies, or reads a book once in a while, it could be the perfect device.

I know for a fact an iPad would be the perfect device for my wife 99% of the time. She mostly browses her favorite sites and checks out Facebook. Once we have the entire gamut of Facebook games running on the iPad, she’ll probably want one.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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