One big mistake

NY Times: So the future of General Motors (and the $50 billion taxpayer investment in it) now depends on a vehicle that costs $41,000 but offers the performance and interior space of a $15,000 economy car. The company is moving forward on a second generation of Volts aimed at eliminating the initial model’s considerable shortcomings. (In truth, the first-generation Volt was as good as written off inside G.M., which decided to cut its 2011 production volume to a mere 10,000 units rather than the initial plan for 60,000.) Yet G.M. seemingly has no plan for turning its low-volume “eco-flagship” into a mass-market icon like the Prius.

We should’ve let GM ride off into the sunset. That’s right, we should’ve let it die. I thought the bailout was a horrible idea from the get go. I know a lot of folks that think it’s un-American to buy cars from foreign manufacturers but what choice do you have if American car companies create bad cars?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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What about Ford?

They have LOTS of choices in various fuel types.

I wrote off GM once they screwed up Saturn.

Haven’t been a fan of Chrysler once I had a transmission die right after the 60k warranty (less than 1K after) and then found out about dozens of people in my area with the same issue.

Is Tesla an American car company?

Are Toyotas build in the US American cars? =)

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