One big mistake

NY Times: So the future of General Motors (and the $50 billion taxpayer investment in it) now depends on a vehicle that costs $41,000 but offers the performance and interior space of a $15,000 economy car. The company is moving forward on a second generation of Volts aimed at eliminating the initial model’s considerable shortcomings. (In truth, the first-generation Volt was as good as written off inside G.M., which decided to cut its 2011 production volume to a mere 10,000 units rather than the initial plan for 60,000.) Yet G.M. seemingly has no plan for turning its low-volume “eco-flagship” into a mass-market icon like the Prius.

We should’ve let GM ride off into the sunset. That’s right, we should’ve let it die. I thought the bailout was a horrible idea from the get go. I know a lot of folks that think it’s un-American to buy cars from foreign manufacturers but what choice do you have if American car companies create bad cars?