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The Past Weblog: My First Windows App

The original Rob Fahrni “Back when I was a young programmer… That seems like the correct way to introduce you to my first ever Windows application. I’ve kept the code for many years, and I’ve only recently moved it from 3.5″ floppies to a CD. I was checking out the code a couple of days ago and boy have I come a VERY LONG way since that project.”

I just happened to stumble upon this post while Googling for something to use in another post. My old weblog served me well and has become a bit crufty over time. The archives still work and the site still gets quite a few hits a day thanks to Google, and a nice nine-year run. (Wow, I forgot to celebrate my 10th year of weblogging, darn.)

My work on iOS based applications reminds me of my time back in my early Windows development days. It was so exciting and new. I had so much to learn and I was excited about learning it. That’s how I feel about iOS today. It’s a very exciting time.

Anywho, the link to the code for Rob’s Tic-Tac-Toe still works.

Maybe I should do an iOS version, just for old times sake?

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