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I’m an Apple fanboy and I’m a fan of Iconfactory Apps. I use Twitterrific for iOS and Mac so I thought I’d share some tips with my fellow Twitterrific for iPhone users.

Two of the things I love about Twitterrific are the nice shortcuts from the timeline view.

Tip #1: Double Tap

No, not rule #2 from the Zombieland Rules List.

While viewing your timeline you can double tap on an item and up pops a shortcut menu. This is super handy for replying and retweeting. I use it all the time. Here’s what it looks like.

Tip #2: Tap and Hold

The second feature I really appreciate, and use all the time, is tap and hold. This works from the timeline and from the tweet detail views. Simply tap and hold a link to see the shortcut menu. Great stuff. Here’s what it looks like.

I use the Send to Instapaper and Copy Link options all the time. Notice they’re placed toward the bottom of the menu. I’m pretty sure the fine folks at the Iconfactory did this intentionally since they’re the options people will probably use the most.

Hopefully you find these tips useful.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

2 replies on “Twitterrific for iPhone Tips”

It took me a while to get the Send To Instapaper feature to work. First of all it’s only part of the paid version. Not a big deal. Then I wasn’t reading your tip completely, and thus couldn’t ever get the shortcut screen shown here to come up . “Simply tap and hold A LINK to see the shortcut menu.” [emphasis mine] Tapping & holding a tweet doesn’t do it, the link is the important thing.

Thanks, now that I’ve figured it out it’s very cool.


Thanks for the update. I’ve been using the paid version so long I had no idea it wasn’t in the ad supported version, but that makes sense. Paid == Premium.

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