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Is Microsoft the new DEC?

MSDN: “Apple sold 15 million iPads in the first nine months, while the Microsoft tablet has flailed around for a decade. Why? Because Apple realizes what Microsoft does not: the true laptop form factor is an entirely different device, not a smaller PC. It requires a completely different design approach, much closer to a phone than to a PC. I’m watching my 8-year-old daughter play with my father’s iPad as I write these words. She loves it, far more than her PC at home. I wouldn’t write a novel on one, but my daughter prefers it for kaleidoscope art and pony races. “Toys,” sneered one current Microsoft employee. That’s exactly what Ken Olsen used to say about PCs.”

Sneer all you want at that “Toy” iPad, it’s taken you to the woodshed and laid a whoopin’ on you.

Microsoft will recover, don’t write them off. There once was a company called Apple that lost its way, now look where they are.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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Microsoft is the General Motors of computing. There are a lot of brilliant engineers and designers being run by short sighted management while feeling an entitlement from their past glory days.

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