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New Facebook? Sounds like a Weblog.

ArrrrrrBrian Solis: “Timeline is a new kind of profile, one that lets people tell their story in a visually-rich and artistic fashion. In addition to aesthetics, Timeline is essentially a social home page for all that moves you, from media to experiences to people. The biggest difference you’ll notice is presentation. Starting with the substantial image that you choose to depict your persona, the new format essentially turns your profile into a Flipboard-esque (magazine) pictorial rich with updates, content, and connections…all designed to tell your story, your way. Don’t be confused by the name however, Timeline is much more than that, it’s essentially a storyboard for your digital and real life as told by what you share and what others share with you.”

“Timeline is the story of your life,” said Mark Zuckerberg “All your stories, all your apps, express who you are.”

It sounds just like a weblog, imagine that? I don’t need a siloed service to provide that. I already have it, I have a weblog.

If you care about your content, you should publish it yourself, you don’t need Facebook as much as they’d like you to think that. Use Facebook as a connector, drive traffic back to your weblog and your content. It is your content, right?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer