Family Life

No Gadget Holidays

Gadgets and gizmos are fun, I have to admit that. I’m hopelessly addicted to my iPhone and Twitter, there’s no denying it. So why does that need explaining?

I like to visit

Our family has always tried to get together for the holidays, especially Christmas, and over the past few years we’ve hosted Thanksgiving. I love the holidays! It’s a time for family and friends to get together and make merry. A big part of what makes it so special is sitting around talking about random stuff. The stuff that goes on in our day to day lives, the stuff that makes life what it is.

With the introduction of smartphones and tablet devices it’s way too easy to “feel bored”, have that desire to check your tweet stream, post a quick picture to Facebook, or send a text to your friend. Not this year.

You Grinch!

I really hope our family doesn’t feel that way. I know our daughters may have an issue with it, tough. This is about family, no just about you or me, it’s about the collective Fahrni clan.

I can’t make people abide by this rule, I can only hope they will because we’re actually going to ask folks to agree to do this. Kim, my wife, will have a special basket set aside to collect devices as you enter our home, or you can leave it in the car. We really hope folks will agree to this so we can have some much needed, and desired, uninterrupted time to visit. Yes, we love you that much!

It’s all about the people in the room. The wider audience can wait a few hours while we enjoy the company of each other.

P.S. – Old school technology, like a standalone camera is encouraged. (no, not the one on your phone or tablet, but nice try!)

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer