3D Must Die

Forbes: “Innovation will happen with or without 3D film, and in some pretty important ways I think that 3D is actually an impediment to true innovation in film and film technology, crowding out true experimentation in favor of a one-trick-pony.”

3D really needs to die. It is nothing more than a gadget aimed at raising prices.

Look, I’d pay more for a great 2D film than a crummy 3D film any day. It’s not like “Sharks 3D” is worth seeing, right?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

One reply on “3D Must Die”

The problem with 3D right now is a) lots of movies are made with crappy 3D systems, doing processing in post production instead of actually filming in 3D to begin with. And b) 3D is still used as a gimmick where the director flings crap at your face for 2 hours straight.

So I think if 3d could move beyond it’s novelty status and begin to be used to tell stories better (assuming hollywood has any good stories) it could be really great.

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