Fulton Mall Fiasco

Huffington Post: “The site is being re-examined and this past October three options for remaking the mall (narrowed down from 10) were unveiled — two could significantly destroy the character of the mall by opening it up to cars with a traditional street or inserting two lanes of road and curbs weaving them through some of the outdoor “vignettes” while demolishing others. The third, complete restoration, is most likely not economically viable. The one really sensible solution — keeping four of the six streets closed to cars while opening many of the cross streets, a realistic compromise balancing design, historic preservation and economics — inexplicably seems to have been abandoned.”

I wonder if someone believes that tearing Fulton Mall apart will actually help downtown?

The city needs to work a whole lot harder to attract a large employer downtown. A modern, younger, company that will encourage other companies to relocate. Naive? Yep.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

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The problem with downtown Fresno has NOTHING to do with the Fulton Mall. This is actually the only cool thing about the area. What they need are some anchor destinations and removal of all of the parking meters. Something big would draw other businesses into downtown…maybe an IKEA…? The City leaders need to develop (or hire someone with) some imagination!!

Shannon, I completely agree with you, I think. I think Fresno should leave the Fulton Mall alone and focus on getting some fairly large employers to move downtown.

When I worked at Pelco I always thought it would’ve been really cool for Pelco to take the lead and move a group of us downtown.

I don’t know much about Ikea, but that could be good, I suppose?

A great mix of nine to five office workers, restaurants, and shopping is what’s needed. Fresno needs to find a way to make that attractive to companies. Tax breaks maybe?

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