They have a design team?

Inc.: “They’re not the only ones. Unsurprisingly, Facebook (where Cox started her career as a product design lead) has been running its design team in the same way for years. Unlike most software companies where day-to-day and detailed product decisions are made by product managers with business backgrounds, Mark Zuckerberg’s design team is his imperial guard. They work closer to him than any other discipline in the company.”

Based on the giant disaster that is the Facebook UI I thought it was all engineering driven. I’m really surprised to find they have a “design team.”

Maybe this is why they’ve gone on a buying spree. They’re trying to get design talent through acquisition.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

One reply on “They have a design team?”

Hmm, I think Facebook is pretty well laid out. It’s easy to navigate, contains an truck load of information, creates easy conversations, utilizes a simple photo system and so on. Compared to many websites I’ve used I think Facebook is quite nice. It understand that it’s not the minimalistic look you like, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near being a “giant disaster”. I find it easy to use considering the amount of stuff that goes on within this particular SM platform.

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