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Discarded Bicycles

Get your tools!Life Hacker: “If you want to try bicycling on the cheap and support keeping waste out of landfills, consider restoring a discarded bicycle as your next project. While the time and money investment will vary depending on the condition of the bike, you still should save a decent chunk of money and will have learned essential repair skills.”

When my brothers and I were growing up we spent most of our waking hours on bicycles. We raced BMX on the weekends, and loved tearing our bikes down to grease the bearings and give them a good cleaning. Good times.

A few months back I noticed a discarded 10-speed frame; complete with cranks, gooseneck, and forks! I instantly thought to myself “Hey, I’m gonna take that home and fix it up!” I expressed that thought to my wife, she thought I was crazy and asked when I’d have time to work on it? True, very true. I wouldn’t have the time to spend on it, and since we’ve moved to San Luis Obispo we’re limited on space. It was a great thought, and I’d really love to do it, but it the timing just wasn’t right.

Bikes are something I feel really confident working on. One day I may take a chance on an old discarded bicycle and fix it up.

It could happen.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer