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The Walking DeadD.J. Pangburn: “The joy of experiencing that first episode of The Walking Dead was to see Rick experience a surreal, post-apocalyptic landscape; to feel in an almost sublime way the melancholy horror of it all.That feeling, which was the greatest strength of The Walking Dead for me, is now gone; jettisoned for budget reasons more than likely. But let’s say that budget is only part of the story. If Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman believe this is dynamic, visionary television, then they are woefully mistaken.”

I love this series. I haven’t missed an episode but it is beginning to feel a bit repetitive. I loved Season 2, on the farm. It was the calm before the storm. Now it’s definitely stuck in a loop, but hey, what should we expect? There are zombies everywhere! How can the writers make it more interesting? Well, they introduced another tribe into the mix and made Rick go off the deep end.

Hey, can someone kill off The Governor already? I’m getting pretty sick and tired of that guy.

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Sure, I can see that. It would be nice to see Andrea become the leader at Woodbury. Heck, it’s going to make for an interesting season finale, the “Battle of Woodbury” has the makings of a great history story. 🙂

Who else are we going to lose this season? It’s been surprising, and quite shocking, at times. They have no qualms about killing characters.

No idea. They have diverged a fair bit from what I understand of the series (wasn’t Tyrese supposed to replace Shane as Rick’s lieutenant?) so no idea what they will do.

Deaths of characters I like is one of the big reasons I haven’t bought Game of Thrones to watch (we don’t have HBO but it’s now available on iTunes)–I learned enough from reading just a bit of the first Game of Thrones novel a few years ago to know that I don’t want to go through that frustration.

And even Downton Abbey has been doing that to us in the third season as actors leave to do other things. We haven’t quite made it to the end of the third season yet but I know there is another big death waiting for us in the season finale–just don’t know who (and don’t want to know).

Your timing is pretty solid, bro. I thought Walking Dead was quite awesome initially. Lately though I find myself surfing the net when Lori and the girls watch it on the DVR.

Several of the characters have become quite dislikable. I’ve even found myself wishing for Rick’s demise. And yes, the Governor needs to go. The problem is that they’ve had ample opportunity and decided to skip it. And that is just another issue to add to the list.

I think, at this point, it’s going to be tough to have a story line that’s not…

1) Living is hard
2) Zombies everywhere
3) No trust amongst the living
4) Warring tribes

Hopefully they’ll wrap it up soon.

Oh, another thing that kind of annoyed me was the mid-season break. I didn’t care for that.

I also hope they go back to more variety in the scenery, moving around, etc. I really loved season two, although many didn’t. The farm was great.

The story-lines are getting a bit repetitive this season. Although last Sunday’s episode was great.

I also can’t stand these mid-season hiatuses. Just give me more episodes!

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