D.J. Pangburn on The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadD.J. Pangburn: “The joy of experiencing that first episode of The Walking Dead was to see Rick experience a surreal, post-apocalyptic landscape; to feel in an almost sublime way the melancholy horror of it all.That feeling, which was the greatest strength of The Walking Dead for me, is now gone; jettisoned for budget reasons more than likely. But let’s say that budget is only part of the story. If Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman believe this is dynamic, visionary television, then they are woefully mistaken.”

I love this series. I haven’t missed an episode but it is beginning to feel a bit repetitive. I loved Season 2, on the farm. It was the calm before the storm. Now it’s definitely stuck in a loop, but hey, what should we expect? There are zombies everywhere! How can the writers make it more interesting? Well, they introduced another tribe into the mix and made Rick go off the deep end.

Hey, can someone kill off The Governor already? I’m getting pretty sick and tired of that guy.