Cut Quickly

Microsoft Cash Cow.Mini-Microsoft: “That’s why I hope that Cut Quickly happens. Without it, we’re back to our first layoff experience. If anything broke the back of this blog, it was the first big Microsoft layoff back in 2009. How? How could the realization of a step towards Mini-Microsoft do that? Because it was implemented so poorly, with constant worries and concerns and doubts about engaging in new ideas due to expectations those would be the easiest to trim during ongoing cut-backs. When was it over? When was the “all clear” signal given?”

Hey, welcome back, Mini! I used to love reading this weblog many years back. Can you believe it’s been around for 10 years? 10 years of begging Microsoft to focus and trim the fat. Anywho…

This is a pretty big deal. I have friends there and I hope they can stay, if that’s what they want to do. Now could be a great time for someone that wants to take some time off to smell the roses, or take a chance on a startup. Take the money and run, so to speak.

I wonder why they’re taking a year to implement this? It seems like a great way to absolutely kill a year of productivity in a business that changes day to day. Microsoft is just beginning to steer their large ship in a different direction, what if the target has moved by the time this RIF is complete? How do groups plan to ship product over the next year with the fog of a layoff hanging over their heads? Guess we’ll see.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer