Team vs. Tools [Brent Simmons]: It almost doesn’t matter what the details are — how we’re organized, what we use for source control management, and so on — because a great culture makes for a happy team that will figure out how to work together. And Omni has done a great job with that.”

Omni is one of the class acts in all of software. They’ve created a culture of greatness. If you didn’t know Omni has been doing Cocoa since before it was Cocoa. They started off writing code for NeXT boxes long ago. Their suite of productivity tools for Mac and iOS are unmatched. 

If you have the opportunity go listen to The Record #6 – Tim Woods (hosted by Chris Parrish and Brent Simmons, listen to the entire series, it’s really great.) This episode will give you a bit of Omni history. 

It’s all about the team in the end, not the tools.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer