My TV Favorites

I am addicted to a few television programs, three to be exact.

AMC’s The Walking Dead

I have been a dedicated fan since day one. Haven’t missed an episode and until a mishap with our DVR I had every episode recorded. The last two seasons are locked on the DVR. I don’t know why I keep them, I just do. I need to buy them from Amazon so I can watch from our Fire TV whenever I feel like it. 

A couple years back AMC and Dish Network had a little spat. Ask my wife how bummed I was about that. I bought the season on XBox Live, watched the first episode, and the AMC/Dish spat was reaolved so I could go back to watching without the need for the XBox.

My favorite season to date is season two, on the farm. Dale is still one of my favorite characters. He brought a sense of humanity to a mad, mad, world. They could use that humanity in season five. Our beloved group has become feral, unable to live in a civilized setting (with good reason, of course.)


I think deep down inside I’d love to live a rugged life. Walt Longmire reminds me of my grandfather; J.R. Johnson, tough as nails, but fair and forgiving. The kind of man that would do anything for his friends and family. Couple his sensibilities with the dangerous beauty of Wyoming and I’m sold. 

It looks like forward thinking Netflix has picked up season four. Fantastic!

Penny Dreadful

The commercials were enough to prompt me to become a Showtime subscriber last spring. This show is chock full of powerful actors that don’t disappoint. It manages to bring together every horror story ever told in a new, cohesive, way. And that was just season one!

Season two starts soon. Not soon enough for this guy given the season finale of The Walking Dead airs tonight.

I’m Looking forward to some great summer television.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer