Wall Street is Bizarro World

Me Wall StreetMarket Watch [hat tip: Daring Fireball]: “The expected iPhone 6s so far sounds mostly like an incremental update, which could lead fewer users to upgrade. Jordan Edelson, founder and chief executive of Appetizer Mobile, believes that the new iPhones will have the same chassis as the current iPhone 6 models, with more memory, a better 12-megapixel camera and battery life improvements.”

The idea that Wall Street is Bizarro World holds true for any company, not just Apple. In this case Apple has a track record of releasing an updated design of the iPhone followed the next year by the same design with upgraded specifications that include the letter S following the version number. E.G. 6 followed by 6S. My point is, this should not be new to anyone following Apple. This pattern is not new.

I think it’s only reasonable to expect Apple’s run of year-over-year unit sales to drop off at some point. How can you expect those numbers to continue to climb? So maybe they won’t sell 183 million iPhones in the next fiscal year. They’re definitely not doomed.

The headline of the Market Watch article is click bait, pure and simple. I clicked the link, not because I believe it, but because it’s so ridiculous I had to read what the “experts” were saying.

The title is accurate in a way — “Don’t expect iPhone 6S to save Apple” — because Apple doesn’t need saving.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer