I'm the Monster.My wife claims I have A.D.D. She means it. It’s not an insult, nor do I take it that way. It’s usually directed at my continuous stream of new app ideas. Apps that will never get written. 

I’ve never been a super coder. I’m not that smart. I didn’t do well in a classroom. I loved math, but not enough to be obsessed with it and continue to learn more after trigonometry —which I can no longer do. I got into computers because I was obsessed with making them do stuff. To this day I still love making them do stuff and I’m continuing to learn. I enjoy my work. I enjoy tinkering with code in my free time. I just wish I could be super coder.

All those ideas, written down, just a bunch of bits, rotting. I have a couple apps in the iOS App Store. One I built for my brother (RxCalc), with his help, see the math comment above, and one I built for myself (Arrgly) and put in the store for grins.

I have one new idea I would like to work on, but before I do that, I’ve been workin on a long overdue update to RxCalc. I hope to drop it in the store when the iOS 9 flood gates open. It’s not much of a change, small updates here and there, but it’s solid and looks at home on iOS 7 and newer OS’es.

I have plans to add In-App purchase to it in a future release. It’s been free for a few years now and I’d like to try to make some money back but at the same time want to keep it free. To that end all new features will be available via IAP.

We’ll see how it goes.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer