Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 10

  • Young guy gets star carved into his forehead
  • Upsets old guy
  • Kid held back by knight
  • Lady with short red hair drinks wine
  • Old guy gets stabbed to death by kids
  • Young kid with star in forehead gets stabbed by child
  • Wine cellar full of barrels with antifreeze in them
  • Antifreeze blows up and destroys giant building
  • Young king slayer asks old king slayer, Mr Filch, why they need him
  • Young guy is let into big library
  • Lady tells dude they burned someone at the stake
  • Old guy pissed girl was killed
  • Lady wants to die
  • Young man lets lady go. Tells her to ride south
  • Old guy threatens lady, she rides off in the snow
  • Young man and young lady talk about a bedroom and trust
  • Old woman and young woman talk vengeance.
  • Ex Machina lady talks about marriage to dude
  • She blows him off
  • Angry Elf talks to Ex Machina lady
  • Ex Machina lady gives angry Elf a pendant
  • Young servant girl slashes Mr. Filch’s neck. He dies.
  • Dude talks about sitting on the iron throne with lady at his side 
  • Zombie looking dude drops off kids in forest
  • Tree has a face with bleeding eyes
  • Kid touches tree face has dream of young woman dying. Blood everywhere 
  • Whispers into mans ear
  • Man takes baby
  • Young man and lady talk to hall full of men talk war
  • Child shames other men
  • Shamed men grow a pair
  • Dude on horse arrives in city where antifreeze explosion occurred. Looks pissed
  • Lady with short red hair is named queen. Dude looks unhappy
  • Bunch of ships sailing
  • Dragons fly by
  • The End

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer